• Parmesan Hash Cakes

    Made with thin slices of premium Agria Potato, enhanced with loads of Parmesan and chives. This luxurious Award Winner product is full of flavour for your next meal creation.

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    Parmesan Hash Cakes

  • Polenta Chips

    These crunchy Polenta Chips offer a new and exciting sensory delight with their creamy centre and a delicious subtle taste of Rosemary and Chili.

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    Polenta Chips

  • Potato Rosti (120g)

    Potato Rosti

    WILD CHEF is a NZ Food Manufacturer specializing in Gourmet Frozen Finger Food & Meal Components. We pride ourselves on producing QUALITY products by using Fresh locally sourced ingredients. Made to not only LOOK but TASTE like you just made them yourself!  

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    Potato Rosti

  • Kumara Rosti

    Deliciously authentic and made with coarsely grated orange Kumara and beautifully combined with fresh spring onion. A visual and tasty base for any meal!

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    Kumara Rosti

  • Potato & Fresh Herb Rosti (25g)

    Mini Herb Rosti

    Our Gluten Free & Dairy Free Potato & Fresh Herb Rosti are made from premium Agria potatoes & fresh herbs.

    With 2 sizes to choose from (25g & 80g), these are extremely versatile and can be used as canapé bases, part of a hot breakfast, brunch, lunch or as a base for a main meal.

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    Mini Herb Rosti


We are a  NZ Food Manufacturer specialising in Gourmet Finger Food & Meal Components.
Mini Kumara Rosti (25g)

Wild Chef products aim to:

  • Increase your profit
  • Decrease costs
  • Alleviate stress
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Give you Consistent Quality
  • Provide Dietary Options for those last minute requests
  • Inspire new ideas for Menus



Looking for a fun party finger food idea?

Try making up sliders by using Wild Chef’s Mini Cocktail Burger Buns and make delicious Mini Burgers for your party!Mini Burgers


We look forward to evolving our GOURMET selection!

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