MINI BURGER BUNS – make great sliders!      |    30g x 30 pces

Perfect for starters, platters, finger food and bar snacks – these Mini Burger Buns are a fun conversation piece at any social occasion.

  • Fill with shredded pork, apple, walnut & blue cheese.
  • Layer with a mini whitebait patty & lemon mayo.
  • Fill with small slices of grilled beef, a gherkin & béarnaise sauce.
  • Toast bun and fill with tempura batter fish goujon & tartare sauce.
  • Layer with rocket & grilled Haloumi.
  • Fill with roasted eggplant & basil.
  • Fill with Wild Chef’s Mini Falafel and serve with an aioli, a delicious vegetarian slider.
  • Fill with grilled mushrooms, baby spinach & blue cheese.
  • Toast and halve the bun, top with your choice of meat. Anything from beef to pastrami – the possibilities are endless!
  • Fill with crayfish, watercress and fresh lemon aioli.
  • Fill with spicy crab cakes & lemon aioli.
  • Fill with slowly simmered pulled pork, tangy sauce with shredded slaw


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