SPICY FISH CAKES  (gf & df)    |    25g x 70 pceswild-chef-spicy-fish-cakes-bowl-ss-#1 b

These Asian style fish cakes pack a lot of punch.  The spicy flavours from the ginger & chilli are perfectly balanced with the shredded lemongrass & fresh coriander.  This product gets people talking and really awakens their senses. 

  • Serve with a coconut mayonnaise
  • Serve as a Mini Burger inside a mini Cocktail Burger Buns & mizuna
  • Serve with a diced vegetable & fish sauce dipping sauce
  • Topped with crispy noodles
  • Add another dimension – Tempura the Spicy Fish Cakesfish$20-$20grp$20034
  • How about a coating of Japanese breadcrumbs
  • Used as a steamed dumpling in a soup (maybe Laska style)
  • Serve with a lemon grass beurre blanc
  • Crust in coconut
  • Coat in Tempura batter.
  • Toss in cornflour and shallow fry.
  • Top with cucumber & mint.

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