New Products

We are constantly working on new ideas and Product Development.
If you are finding you are short of Prep-Time making popular items for your menus – please do feel free to contact us to discuss further.

  • 2018 – New Products

This year we are excited to be launching TWO NEW products ~ both are gluten free, dairy free and vegan.

   1.  Corn Patties (130g x 20 pieces per bag)

      Corn Patty 130g

Made with sweetcorn and grated kumara, this tasty Corn Patty has been pre-fried to assist quick reheating.  Perfect for cabinet food and Veggie Burger ideas.

2.  Potato & Fresh Herb Rosti  (60g x 30 pieces per bag) 

Potato & Fresh Herb Rosti 60g - VEGAN

This NEW Rosti is suitable for Vegans and carries all the same benefits as our other Herb Rosti.  This great new size is designed for Conferences; Brunch, Mains or Sides.

  • 2017 – New Products

In 2017 we launched two fantastic NEW products to the product range – both being gluten free and vegetarian.

   1.  Parmesan Hash Cakes (80g x 30 pieces per bag) ~ Gluten-Free

 Parmesan Hash CakesParmesan Hash Cakes     

Made with thin slices of premium Agria Potato, enhanced with loads of Parmesan and chives.
This luxurious individual portion is full of flavour for your next meal creation.

Our Parmesan Hash Cakes have been voted by Chefs at all the Bidfood Trade Shows and awarded as the Best New Product of 2017.

We are so proud to design this authentic and delicious product to be the ultimate prep-time solution for you. If Chefs loved it, I am sure your customers will as well!

2.  Mini Hash Brown (25g x 70 pieces per bag) ~ Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free

Mini Hash BrownMini Hash Brown

Made with freshly grated Agia Potato. These Mini Hash Browns are a favourite as a simple canapé base, or a side to any meal.

  • 2016 – New Product:  Polenta Chips!

Please welcome, our new & innovative product: Polenta Chips (with a subtle hint of rosemary & chili!)

2kg bags (approx. 80 pieces per bag) ~ Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free

We have found a lot of Chefs already hand-making them but finding as they have become very popular, there is not enough prep-time to keep making them. You just cannot hurry up the process of making Polenta Chips.   So this is where we come in – and can now offer consistent quality at an extremely competitive price.
They are also Gluten Free & Dairy Free – and handy to have on hand for vegetarians and vegans as well.    Frozen free flow and ideal for hotels, restaurants, busy cafes, caterers, upmarket bars, gastro pubs, etc… these are extremely versatile.
A great Seasonal alternative change to the standard hot potato chips eg. steak & chips, sides, cut up into cubes as a taste & texture additions to salads, etc…

Contact us for lots more yummy serving suggestion ideas to impress your customers with.