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Proudly NZ owned & NZ made  |  Designed by Chef, for Chefs

Wild Chef is NZ’s leading Gourmet Manufacturer, producing chef-quality meal and canape components that are as close to making yourself – by using just real ingredients (no nasties).


We make the bases – so you can get creative….

Try these menu ideas:

Wild Chef Gluten Free and Vegan Falafel

Finger Foods

Bite sized and full of flarvour

  • Canape Bases
  • Mini Rosti
  • Mini Burger Buns
  • Mini Corn Patties
  • Mini Falafels
  • Polenta Chips
Wild Chef Gluten Free and Vegan Root Vegetable Rosti

Dietary OPtions

Our products cater for many dietary requirements

  • Gluten-Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Plant-Based
Wild Chef Gluten Free Feta & Quinoa vegetarian pattie

Meal Components

Perfect for any meal of the day! 

  • Vegetarian Burger Patties
  • Rosti
  • Hash Browns
  • Gratin
  • Hash Cakes

Why use Wild Chef?

  • Saves on prep time
  • Consistent chef quality
  • Perfect for customers with dietary requirements 
  • Look & taste like chefs made it themselves
  • Cost effective
  • Perfect when unexpectedly busy 
  • Reduces food waste 
  • Cuts down work load
  • Helps with staff shortages 
  • Quick and easy to serve
  • Versatile products
  • Stocked nationwide 

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