Gluten Free Eggs Benedict… with a Twist

by | Oct 8, 2019 | Blog, Gluten Free

Creating new menu items that are both gluten-free and exciting can be daunting but here at Wild Chef this is our speciality!

It is easy to offer a  gluten-free alternative of a favourite brunch dish,   Eggs Benedict. By creating a gluten-free option that all your customers will enjoy saves you both time and money. 

Follow our 3 easy Tips to create a Gluten Free eggs benedict that your customers will rave about.


1. Replace an English muffin with a tasty Wild Chef Rosti! This not only adds a point of difference to your dish it is also makes it Gluten Free!

2. Make either a vegan, vegetarian or meat based option or offer all!. Try out Salmon, bacon, prosciutto, pork belly, Portobello mushroom, avocado or spinach the options are endless.

3. Finally switch up your hollandaise with herbed, cheesy or sriracha hollandaise. Try a chunky salsa for a vegan benedict.

Try out our Fresh Herb & Potato RostiKumara RostiPlain Potato Rosti or our NEW Veggie Rosti To make an even more gourmet benedict, use our Potato Gratin to add delicious creamy layered potato base – so luxurious!