Make Menu Planning Easy

by | Oct 8, 2019 | Blog

Use one base many ways 

We have designed our bases to be extremely versatile.  

With one base you can make a brunch, lunch and evening dish. For example, you can use a Wild Chef Meal Component for multiple dishes. 

For your breakfast menu make create a gluten free eggs benedict with a Rosti base or add as a side to a big breakfast. For lunch, create a veggie stack with seasonal vegetable and for an evening main, use a Rosti beneath a quality piece of protein.

Increase your dietary options on your menu!

As a many of our meal components are Gluten Free, Dairy free and Vegan they are the perfect beginning for a dietary friendly dish.

You can then offer multiple variations of a similar dish based on different dietary requests like the two serving suggestion of the Wild Chef  Kumara Rosti pictured below.