How to Create an Easy Gluten-Free & Vegan Platter

by | Jan 9, 2020

Eating is a social occasion. More often than not, dining out is for the conversation not just for food. Because of this, sharing platters are on the rise. Platters are the most social of all food as they are a chance for people to gather around and share a food experience together.

Creating a platter may seem daunting, especially a gluten free vegan platter.  They can be Sweet or savoury, cold or hot, small or large,  creating a successful platter is an art.

To help you out we have come up with three simple tips on how to create a tasty platter in no time.


Tip 1: Serve different textures and flavours.


Having gluten free vegan platter does not mean you will compromise on enjoyment.  Choose foods that have a different texture, flavours and temperatures (warm vs cool foods). To make life easier all Wild Chef products can be eaten hot or cold. Don’t be afraid to add a few platter foods that have spice such as  Mini Falafels or Mini Corn Patties.These are perfect additions to your platter as they pack a punch and if spice is not for everyone offer Plain polenta chips on the platter too, for another option.

Tip 2: Be dietary conscious –  Include something for everyone.


Platters are designed to be shared. It is important that everyone, despite their dietary requirements will be able to have some of the platters. Try and cover as many dietary requirements as possible even if it’s just an adaption on request. Include at least one Gluten-Free and Vegan option such as Mini Hash Browns smashed avocado and fresh salsa or Mini Veggie Rosti topped with beetroot hummus and asparagus.

By using one Wild Chef product as a base for all platter, you can then switch up your offering’s dependant on the customer.

Tip 3: Create a point of difference.


Offer something that will excite diners and entice them to order. Be creative with your function food by creating a show-stopping platter using our range of Gourmet Finger Foods. They come in all shapes and sizes to allow you to create height and interest as well as being dietary friendly. Be creative with their toppings and play around with different colours and flavours to create a beautiful and tasty platter. Try using Polenta Chips as the centre of your platter, they are not only delicious but unique.