3 Easy Gluten-Free Substitutes

by | Feb 12, 2020

Gluten-free dining is on the rise as there is an increase in Celiac disease diagnosis and wheat intolerance. More and more individuals are opting for Gluten-free diets (medically required for Celiac disease).

Creating Gluten Free meals might seem daunting but luckily, all Wild Chef Products made onsite are Gluten Free.

What is Gluten?

Gluten is a protein that is found in wheat, rye and barley. Many different foods are derived from these 3 grains, the list of gluten-containing foods seems never-ending.  Other gluten-containing foods that are commonly used in a kitchen are oats, couscous, durum wheat, spelt and semolina.


Why is it important to offer Gluten-free options?

In a study by Coeliac Australia, ¾ gluten-free diners decided on where they go to dine based on the extent of the gluten-free options and 90% of diners will return if they had a good Gluten-free Experience.  It is important that as a chef you incorporate at least one or two Gluten-Free options or possible substitutes on your menu or else you may lose Gluten-Free diners and their party.


How to create easy Gluten-Free dishes?

Creating a Gluten-Free meal might seem daunting but luckily all Wild Chef products (expect our Mini Burger Buns) are Gluten Free. Our factory is fully Gluten Free so you and your diners can trust our products

The easiest way to accommodate Gluten-Free diners is to have substitutes on hand.


Try these 3 simple Gluten-Free substitutes:


1. Swap out bread for a Rosti or Hashbrowns.

 Gluten Free Rosti

2. Switch out croutons for cut-up Polenta Chips

 Gluten Free Polenta Chips

3. Replace a blini for a Wild Chef Gourmet Mini for an easy Gluten-Free canape.

 Gluten Free Canapes