80g Falafel Wraps

This is what our 80g Falafel looks like in its normal form (before crumbling). It can be served as a patty or in a crumbled form… choose whichever form best suits your dish.

Alternatively you can choose to use our 25g Mini Falafel Patties. These also work great in wraps – as well as buddha bowls, salads, skewers, tasting plates and pitas. 

This is an incredibly simple recipe with few ingredients allowing our Falafel to really stand out. It’s affordable, quick to prepare + perfect for a cabinet food option. 


  • Wraps
  • Wild Chef 80g Falafel (to crumble)
  • Cucumber
  • Tahini




  1. Cook your Wild Chef 80g Falafel. Follow our cooking guidelines on the packaging for the best results. 
  2. Slice your cucumber however you desire and prepare your tahini for drizzling. 
  3. Once the Falafel is cooked – prep your wrap. Fill the wrap with Falafel by crumbling it in your hands.
  4. Add the sliced cucumber, drizzle your tahini dressing, and wrap your wrap up – ready to be served or stored in your cabinet. 





  1. If our 80g Falafels are not available at your local Distributor Branch – try using our Mini 25g Falafels instead (same recipe)
  2. For added flavour and creaminess, you can also use either Hummus or Tzatziki Sauce inside the wrap
  3. Any salad greens go well inside a wrap – or for more crunch, try Tabbouleh