Kids Menu Ideas

Invigorate your Menus with these Kids Menu Ideas – fun with a twist of healthy.


Why make your establishment a kid’s favourite place to eat?

  • A kid-friendly dining experience will get families returning & spending more.
  • Families are constantly looking for “the easiest place” to meet up with other families.
  • Tap into this lucrative demographic if it fits with your restaurant/cafe concept.
  • Families are dining out more often & looking for healthier choices on Kids Menus that their kids will actually eat.
  • If children feel relaxed, entertained and happy to eat what is on the menu AND parents approve the Menu choices available, you will see return patronage.
  • Kids could become your most loyal customers.
  • Healthy options are not only good for kids … but also for your bottom line.
  • Great way to get people in during “Off-Peak” times during the day – kids eat early!
  • Even the smallest change in your Kids Menu – can bring in a whole new clientele.
  • Marketing opportunity – to then promote slight menu changes to target both families and grandparents
  • Word of Mouth – as the place to go for parents and grandparents!

10 TIPS – to create a compelling Kids Menu Ideas

  1. Keep ingredients simple & familiar to kids
  2. Present food in a fun way
  3. Offer some healthy food choices
  4. Ensure you accommodate common food allergies – GF, DF, Nut Free
  5. Kids like foods they can dip – try incorporating hash sticks, polenta chips, carrot sticks, celery sticks, capsicum slices with hummus or a simple sauce.
  6. Create fun “build your own” menu items eg: tacos, sundaes…
  7. Add token side salads, slices of fruit, berries, low fat cheeses, fruit salsa to menu items
  8. Make food fun – think skewers/mini kebabs, cool shapes, tasty dipping sauces
  9. Target families with “Off-Peak Combo specials” when your establishment is quieter eg 11am & 5pm.
  10. Ensure you have a photo of each food offerings on your Kids Menu (along with activities) – this helps kids make their own choices. 


DID YOU KNOW: That some of our Wild Chef products are commonly used in the Ministry of Health Free lunches into Schools? If you are after further ideas, please contact us for some inspiration.

Final TIPS

  • keep kids entertained for longer with printed activities and a jar of coloring pencils
  • A paper placemat makes a great Kids Menu that also has activities, colouring-in and jokes
  • Ensure Kids can order quickly and receive their food without waiting too long.
  • Aim to try appeal to both Parents and Kids by providing health, delicious, and fun menu options for everyone to enjoy.

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