Tasty Subs, Wraps & Sandwich Inspo

Try any of our Wild Chef products to make up some super tasty cabinet food + food to go!


Mini Falafel 25g x 70pce bag – GF/DF/Vegan

Did you know that a Falafel sandwich CAN be a show stopper?

Keep your ingredients simple by using Wild Chef products as centerpieces. Above we have done exactly that by pairing our mini Falafel with Rocket, Cucumber, Halloumi & Relish. Make it even simpler by removing the Halloumi and voila – a great vegan option. 

You can Wrap ’em and Stack ’em and Stuff ’em!

Black Bean Patties 130g x 20 pce bag – GF/DF/Vegan

Corn Patties 130g x 20 pce bag – GF/DF/Vegan

Feta & Quinoa Veggie Patties 130g x 30 pce bag – GF

Mini Pumpkin & Lentil Patties – GF/DF/Vegan

Mini Hash Browns – GF/DF/Vegan

Mini Corn Patties – GF/DF/Vegan