Bases for your Winter Creations!

Use Wild Chef to work smarter not harder…


Potato & Herb Rosti 80g – 40 pce/bag

How Wild Chef can help you this winter:

  • Save on Prep time – delegate the grating/slicing to us!
  • Rely on Consistent Quality 
  • Versatility – giving you bases that can be used & cooked many ways
  • Wholesome – clean ingredients as if you made yourself
  • Cater to all dietaries – bases for all, which can include the GF, DF, Vegetarian + Vegan

Plain Potato Rosti 120g – 30 pieces/bag

Potato Gratin 150g – 20 pieces/bag

TIP 1: Get your sell price for a bag and divide by no. pieces in a bag. You will be surprised how cost-effective it is compared to your hourly rate grating.

Potato Gratin 150g – 20 pce/bag – Served here with a lentil stew!

TIP 2: Simplify your menu – use one base many ways:

Meat Option

Veggie Rosti 80g – 30 pce/bag

Vegan + Vegetarian Option

Veggie Rosti 80g – 30 pce/bag

We are here to help & inspire some easy ideas which can save you time & money.

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