We are seeing an increase in Vegan & Vegetarian offerings on menus. To help ‘refresh’ your current options check out this Vegan & Vegetarian burger inspiration using our tasty Wild Chef bases. 

    Tropical Vegetarian Burger: 130g Feta & Quinoa Veggie Patty (made with pumpkin, chickpeas, feta & quinoa – finishing with a gorgeous blend of fresh mint and spices) – served here with Lettuce, Aioli, Mango, Cucumber & Coriander Salsa. 


    • Minimally Processed

    • Nutritious & Delicious

    • Versatile

    • Various Flavour Profiles

    • Clean Ingredients

    This is our 130g Black Bean Patty served as a classic Vegetarian Burger. Switch out the sauces to make it a Vegan option too.  

    Fancy up your Classic Beef Burger with some Wild Chef Parmesan Hash Sticks. 

    Our entire range is made using Clean Ingredients and Minimal Processing – giving a Taste and Texture you can rely on as if your own. 

    Asian Fusion Burger: 130g Corn Patty (made with sweetcorn, orange kumara, capsicum, lemongrass, ginger& fresh coriander to give it that fresh Asian twist) – served here with Lettuce, Aioli, Red Cabbage, Mango & Coriander. 

    TIP: Our patties are versatile. You don’t have to serve them as classic burgers – check out these stack concepts. 

    How about a naked breakfast burger? Using our 65g Hash Browns as buns to create a GF breakfast option. 

    Our 130g Corn Patty served as a stack with Aioli, Rocket, Grilled Halloumi, Capsicum & Eggplant. 

    With our Wild Chef patty range you can cut down on prep time and focus on the creation and presentation of your burgers. No need to stress about food waste either as our patties have a 12 month shelf life. Without compromising on quality – you can save time, money and energy by not making everything from scratch yourselves.

    Any of these for under $2.00 per patty – with the Black Bean Patties being the cheapest of our Vegetarian Patty Range.

    Hopefully you have found this Vegan & Vegetarian burger inspiration helpful. 

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