Through conversations with Wild Chef customers, we have learnt the importance of oven ready products in the foodservice industry. This blog post highlights our oven-ready products which may be well suited to your kitchen.

    Some Reasons to use Oven-Ready Products:

    • Providing healthier menu options for customers
    • Facility Limitations
    • Consumer Demand
    • Cafe/Restaurant Location & Target Audience
    • Space and Site Issues
    • Avoiding the extra Insurance & FCP costs if using a Deep Fryer
    • Ensuring less chance of dietary cross-contamination

    Whatever the reason may be – we still have some fabulous Wild Chef products for you to choose from.


    25g (40mm) | 70 pc/bag | Gluten Free – Dairy Free – Vegan Friendly

    TIP: Our products are versatile and can be cooked many ways – you just need to adapt to what works best for you eg Pan, Grill Plate, BBQ, Fryer etc if Oven is busy (just check cooking instructions)


    80g Kumara Rosti | 80g (80mm) | 30 pc/bag

    Gluten-Free – Dairy-Free – Vegan Friendly

    25g Mini Kumara Rosti | 25g (40mm) | 70 pc/bag

    Gluten-Free – Dairy-Free – Vegan Friendly

    TIP: A lot of Chefs tend to “colour” up our products in the Pan/Grill plate first – and when it comes to service, to then finish off in the oven so Hot in the Middle and ready to go!



    130g Corn Patties | 130g (100mm) | 20 pc/bag

    Gluten-Free – Dairy-Free – Vegan Friendly 

    25g Mini Corn Patties | 25g (40mm) | 50 pc/bag

    Gluten-Free – Dairy-Free – Vegan Friendly


    25g x 2kg | approx 80 pc/bag | Gluten Free – Dairy Free – Vegan Friendly

    Our homely Hash Brown made into a stick! These fun rustic Hash Sticks are versatile for any occasion. Serve them in a bowl, as a side, in a wrap, as part of a main… The list goes on. 


    80g (80mm) | 30 pc/bag | Gluten Free – Dairy Free – Vegan Friendly

    A tasty medley of NZ root vegetables made with grated parsnip, carrot, kumara and Agria potato with a hint of sage.


    Baking products tend to taste more healthier and be more flavoursome keeping to the integrity of the ingredients used.  Since oven-baking works by using heated air, some foods could dry out during baking, particularly if left in the oven too long.   We suggest brushing some oil over them before popping into a pre-heated oven.  The key is a hot “pre-heated oven” to help deal seal in the goodness.


    Feta & Quinoa Veggie Patties

    130g (100mm) | 30 pc/bag

    Gluten-Free – Vegetarian

    25g Feta & Quinoa Falafels

    25g (35mm) | 50 pc/bag

    Gluten-Free – Vegetarian

    It’s important to note our beginnings. Wild Chef has been providing oven-ready products since 2003. That was what the market demanded then and what the market continues to demand today.

    We understand the downward trend of deep fryers and deep-fried products and we are proud to provide chef-quality healthier options for cafes and restaurants.

    Deep frying does allow for quicker service and certainly can be more efficient than baking because of the shorter cook times.  However, if you are organized and plan well, you can utilize your oven just as efficiently.

    And don’t forget about the Air Fryer as another Oven option when running at capacity..  Our recommendation is to “trial” Air Frying first – as cooking times will vary from your standard oven.  Always great to have options and hoping a few ideas you can work with for your customer base.

    Looking for oven ready products to use at home? Check our our Retail Range HERE – smaller packs available in select supermarkets and specialty stores.