It is crucial to stand-out from competitors by offering an innovative and fresh menu – not to mention delivering consistent quality to your customers! 

We’ve been in the Food Service industry for over 20 years helping Chefs maximise their menu with innovative products while keeping costs low! 

Now we share our top 5 tips plus 5 meal ideas to inspire your next menu refresh

1. Know what your best selling menu items are and why

Knowing what your best selling items are will give you an insight into your customer’s preferences and help you make informed decisions about what type of menu items and ingredients you should be focusing on – whether that’s in your cabinet or kitchen!

2. Take advantage of versatile products 

Keeping your menu new and exciting is all about making little changes often for your customers. Take advantage of using one base or side many ways to maximise your menu options for one product while keeping costs low.

3. Consider making small changes seasonally 

We know that cost pressures are hitting hard on the hospitality sector, and that it’s not always feasible for you to change your menu drastically every quarter – that’s why we suggest making small changes instead. Take advantage of in-season produce and seasonal flavours to add a flair to exisiting menu items. 

4. Use frozen products to reduce wastage 

With the cost of fresh produce at an all time high, we recommend you take advantage of frozen products as much as possible. Not only can you grab it out of the freezer when you need, it will save you money by reducing your wastage. 

5. Choose products that can easily be swapped out for dietaries 

Catering to dietaries is important to consider for your next menu change as there is a rising amount of customers who require, choose, or desire gluten free, dairy free, Vegetarian, or Vegan-friendly meals. The more dietary-inclusive options you can include, or offer on your menu will save you hassle when altering a menu item to suit dietary needs.  

Need some menu ideas? Here’s 5 ideas to refresh your menu using Wild Chef

Our range of Chef-quality products from Mini Bases, Large Starch Bases, Veggie Patties, and sides give you delicious options for your next menu refresh! 

     Convenient Grab & Go Option

Use our NEW featured product of 2024 – our Indian inspired Mini Pumpkin & Lentil Patties (25g). They’re an easy option for your on-the-go customers, including in wraps (as pictured), in filled rolls, salads, and more…

Have you tried our Pumpkin & Lentil Patties?

Made with locally grown pumpkin, lentils & spices, they’re the perfect addition to use as a canapé, or a quick and easy option for salads and wraps.

     Eggs Benedict for Everyone

Use our Hash Browns (65g) for the perfect base (including those who are gluten free) for Eggs Benedicts, Big Breakfasts, or as an extra side option.