6 Ways to reduce waste & prep time

It’s always a good time to find ways to save costs without compromising on quality where possible.   

The importance of minimising wastage and prep time has been even more heightened for many businesses in recent times. So, we are here to help – with 6 simple ways to reduce waste and prep time, which we hope you will find helpful. We might even let you in on a little chefs secret! 

    1. Cut Back on The Amount of Fresh Produce You Keep In Stock 

    Because of the perishable nature of fresh vegetables, together with the fluctuations of customer activity it’s wise to switch to longer lasting food solutions, where possible. Review your menu items and decide where customers won’t notice much of a difference.  Some pre-prepared products have a longer shelf life and can be used as needed The key is to ensure those choices fit closely with the quality of food you provide.   

    2. Build off Quality Pre-Made Products 

    To reduce preptime and workload for your staff – building off premade bases allows them more time to focus on quality and presentation of the dish. Premade bases allow for frozen free flow too, which will help you avoid food waste due to the longer shelf life of the product.  

    Corn Patties – GF – DF – Vegan Friendly

    Falafel Patties – GF – DF – Vegan Friendly

    3. Simplify Menus 

    With reduced staff and potentially reduced opening hours – working smarter not harder is essential for the hospitality industry so we don’t all burn out. This means simplifying menus ensuring less ingredients are required to be purchased.  A great tip is to have multiple uses for each ingredient and premade product in stock. 

    Falafel Sticks | GF – DF – Vegan Friendly

    4.Review your Portion Sizes 

    If customers are not polishing off their plates and you find yourself throwing out excess food too often – this could be a good time to review your portion sizes. It can also be helpful to indicate to customers the size of a menu offering in some way – whether this be through sections on the menu, suggestions on plates per head, or menu item names e.g. ‘big breakfast’.  

    Mini Corn Patties | GF – DF – Vegan Friendly

    5. Practice Good Stock Control 

    Inventory control is a key component in avoiding food wastage. Ensuring that your systems track and record inventory are used correctly will help you plan food orders, calculate costs and make menu item changes, where needed, to avoid stock perishing. This is where including products with a longer shelf life can support the efficiency and outcome of your inventory.  

    Hash Sticks | GF – DF – Vegan Friendly

    Mini Kumara Rosti | GF – DF – Vegan Friendly

    6. Prepare for anything 

    With the ongoing pandemic – preparation is key. Understanding how you can operate your kitchen on minimal staff will help keep things going when key staff members are not available. It’s also important to try cutting back on too many ingredients on hand, to avoid perishing stock if things ever need to shut down for a bit. One great trick for achieving this is to use the same thing in multiple dishes. e.g. Hash Sticks – don’t just use them in your big breakfast. Use them in wraps, Lunches, Dinners and as Sides. 

    Hash Sticks | GF – DF – Vegan Friendly

    Alongside reducing food waste, you will also be doing your bit to help the environment by minimising food waste going into our landfills.  Methane produced by organic matter decomposing under landfill conditions is said to be a major contributor to global warning.  So …. a Win: Win for all! 

    Wild Chef could be a handy solution to all your wastage & prep time issues. Perishing product will be the least of your worries when you use frozen free flow Wild Chef bases (which have a BBD of 12 months). Wild Chef bases are also pre portioned and all products are made in our fit-for-purpose gluten free production facility. Build your meals off Wild Chef chef-quality bases to whatever size that is suited to your customer base.   Made locally here in New Zealand, from locally sourced ingredients, are easily available.  You will always have the support of a Wild Chef representative at any time for queries.   

    Save on labour and prep time and let us grate the potatoes for you. Wild Chef makes homely Hash Browns, Veggie Patties, Rosti & Sides that taste like they came freshly made from your kitchen – and we don’t mind if you say they did – it will be our little secret.