Don't turn away catering jobs if you haven't the staff

With Catering Jobs – there are a lot of moving pieces, a lot of expenses to control, and ever-changing variables based on catering sizes and preferences. Let Wild Chef make kitchen-life easier by relying on consistent quality products that save on time and money.


Maximise the Catering Boom – using Wild Chef!

  • Save Time  quick & easy to delegate cooking &/or topping the bases to the less-skilled/casual workers.
  • Price-Point Options  Choose from the variety of sizes of Wild Chef products available – based on your per-head budget requirements. TIP: Wild Chef products with fewer ingredients in smaller sizes are better budget options. 
  • Convenient – Frozen free flow & ready when you are! Straight from the freezer to being cooked. Don’t stress about last-minute jobs, increases in the number of people you are catering for; or last-minute dietary requests – Wild Chef has you covered. 
  • Consistency – with a lot of untrained or Temp chefs in the market – keep your menu items simple to prepare (they just need to follow the instructions).

Create an inclusive menu

Catering for hundreds of people creates massive dietary lists – so make your menu items 100% GF – this way everyone can enjoy without having to create so many dietary variations.


Reduce Waste

Due to the frozen free flow nature of our products, as well as the 12 month shelf life – you don’t have to worry about wasting a cent. With just one Wild Chef product, you can create multiple menu items, reducing the need to manage a variety of different ingredients – just order more bags on an as-need basis!

Price-Point Options

Choose from the variety of sizes of Wild Chef products available – based on your per-head budget requirements. TIP: Wild Chef products with fewer ingredients in smaller sizes are better budget options.  We recommend our Mini Hash Browns as the best product to use with tighter budgets. 

Hash Sticks 2KG Bag

Looking for more Inspiration?

Whatever type of event you are catering – whether it’s a walk and fork, sit-down meal, grazing style, or grab & go – Wild Chef has you covered. 

Our entire mini range as well as our stick family are a fantastic + filling addition to your grazing tables and platters – they are the perfect size for dipping and dunking into various sauces and dips. 

Simply Heat, Serve & Impress!

We know how important it is to ensure all the food you provide to your customers is to a high standard and consistent. AND that the best marketing is word of mouth by your very own customers.

Our consistent chef-quality bases and serving suggestion ideas will inspire and help make delegating much easier with the lack of staff shortages and chef availability. This will help save precious time and money to allow you to work more quickly and efficiently whilst maximising the catering boom.

 Want some easy Serving Suggestions?  Email for ideas.