Creating a standout cabinet

It’s no secret that customers eat with their eyes as they are drawn to fresh, clean, and scrumptious looking cabinet food! They are also often time sensitive and looking for the best value for their money.

So how do you make your cabinet stand out?


You want to ensure that your food is freshly made and can quickly be heated with no ingredients compromised during this process.

Cabinet items work in your favour when it comes to time as they give you maximum profit for minimum effort spent in the kitchen!

Use our Mini Bases for Maximum Impact – Here are 3 great options for your cabinet

Reducing prep time with Wild Chef convenient and Chef quality bases will let you focus on what really matters… the presentation! Our Mini Range is a great option to save you time and money in the kitchen.

Here’s some quick and easy cabinet ideas that will be sure to impress your customers!

Asian Inspired Bowl with Mini Corn Patties

Everyone loves a fresh salad! Try our Mini Corn Patties with seasonal on-hand produce.

Hash Stick Breakfast Wrap

Simply fill and roll with crispy bacon, scrambled egg and our crunchy Hash Sticks. 

Mini Falafel Mediterranean Bowl

Our mini Falafel will be sure to impress! Full of flavoursome herbs and spices. 

TIP: Falafel is extremely versitile as once cooked, they are perfect served hot or cold.

Grab and Go Options for all dietaries – Let us inspire you!

Your cabinet doesn’t have to be complicated, often less is more! Make a statement with a clean-ingredient base that is GF, DF, and Vegan friendly, saving you time and money in its versatility. 

Our Potato & Herb Rosti 120g served with spinach, mushroom and tomato.

Double stack our Potato & Herb Rosti 60g with cream cheese and salmon.

Our Black Bean 130g Pattie used here in a wrap. Just add fresh salad and serve cold!

Wild Chef for Quality bases made by Chefs for Chefs

From Rosti stacks, to burgers, wraps and rolls, here’s some ideas for your next cabinet refresh! Try our range of Wild Chef bases for your creations in your cabinet now!

 We can help you find a product that will excel in your kitchen and let you know where it is stocked.

Quick and Easy Cabinet Wrap

Wraps are a quick and easy cabinet item to impress your customers, requiring little to no prep-time using Wild Chef 130g Corn Patties, saving time and money in preparing your cabinet. For your cabinet wraps, swap out fresh salad ingredients for ones you have on hand...

Kumara Rosti Eggs Benedict

Try this Kumara Rosti Eggs Benedict menu idea as a gluten-free twist on your regular eggs benedict. It's tasty, wholesome, fresh and you can easily switch out or remove the bacon to make it a vegetarian menu option.INGREDIENTS: Wild Chef 80g Kumara Rosti Spinach Bacon...

Corn Patty Vegetarian Stack

CORN PATTY VEGETARIAN STACK Using Wild Chef Corn Patties for a delicious vegetarian + GF option. This concept is perfect to have on your menu or in your cabinet food selection - even meat eaters will be reaching for this delicious stack with its beautiful array...

Black Bean Tacos

These Wild Chef Black Bean Tacos are quick, tasty and will have your customers coming back for more!This is what our 130g Black Bean Patty looks like in its normal form (before crumbling or slicing). It can be served as a patty - or crumbled or sliced... choose...

Twist on a Classic Roast Dinner

TWIST ON A CLASSIC ROAST DINNER  This twist on a classic roast dinner is an easy way to create a showstopper lunch or dinner main.  Our Veggie Rosti is a medley of root vegetables including parsnip, carrot, kumara and potato - tastes like all your vegetables in one...

Easy Vegan Canape Using Mini Corn Patties

Looking for an easy Vegan canape, that is also Gluten-free? Using only 3 ingredients you create this easy vegan canape using Wild Chef Mini Corn Patties. These are the perfect canapes for big functions as they cater for many dietary requirements.Ingredients Mini Corn...

Kumara Rosti Vegetarian Stack

Looking for an easy Gluten-free and Vegetarian Menu Idea? Create this easy Gluten-Free Kumara Rosti Vegetarian Stack. This is a super easy idea for brunch, lunch and dinner menus. Use local seasonal produce to wow your customers, including meat-eaters. INGREDIENTS...

Parmesan Hash Cake Avo Smash

PARMESAN HASH CAKE If you like cheesy potato - you will just love our Parmesan Hash Cakes which are the perfect comfort food to incorporate into your menu. Create this easy Gluten-Free Parmesan Hash Cake Avocado Smash. Reduce your prep time by using this tasty Wild...

New 2023 Classic Corn Brunch Stack

Corn Fritters are the most common and popular menu item on Cafe menus as they are seen as an easy go-to for a lot of customers. This brunch stack recipe has those popular ingredients customers will love! They hero the simplicity of our NEW Classic Corn Patties to...

Double Rosti and Salmon Stack

Here's an elevated breakfast concept for your menu your customers will LOVE using our 60g Potato & Herb Rosti.  This trio of smoked salmon, cream cheese (or cream fraiche) on our delicious Rosti is the perfect GF, DF twist on an eggs Benedict. Made with NZ Agria...