5 TIPS & 5 MEAL IDEAS to refresh your menu

It is crucial to stand-out from competitors by offering an innovative and fresh menu – not to mention delivering consistent quality to your customers! With the highly saturated Hospitality Sector, it is crucial to bring some excitement to your menu and create a point of difference, making small and effective swaps for big results.

We’ve been in the Food Service industry for over 20 years helping Chefs maximise their menu with innovative products while keeping costs low! Whether you’re the owner of a cafe, tavern, restaurant, or takeaway business, our products will help you refresh your menu with versatile sides, bases, and patties for every menu.

Here’s our top 5 tips + 5 meal ideas using Wild Chef to refresh your menu:

5 tips you need to know before refreshing your menu 

1. Know what your best selling menu items are and why

Understanding what products sell and why will give you critical insight into your customer’s preferences and will help you make informed decisions when improving existing menu items or adding new ones to impress. Work smarter, not harder by tapping into your customers desires and use your menu to your advantage. 

2. Take advantage of versatile products 

Keeping your menu new and exciting is all about making little changes often for your customers. Take advantage of using one base or side many ways to maximise your menu options for one product while keeping costs low.  For instance, you can use our New Classic Corn Patties as a breakfast stack, on your cabinet with a side salad, or offer it as a takeaway item for on the go customers.

3. Consider making small changes seasonally 

We know that cost pressures are hitting hard on the hospitality sector, and that it’s not always feasible for you to change your menu drastically every quarter – that’s why we suggest making small changes instead. Take advantage of in-season produce and seasonal flavours to add a flair to exisiting menu items, keeping money in your pocket while giving your menu a small refresh.

4. Use frozen products to reduce wastage 

Frozen product gives you the convenience to mix and match when you need a quick backup. We recommend you take advantage of frozen products as much as possible. Not only can you grab it out of the freezer when you need, it will save you money by reducing your wastage and give you the opportunity to make dietary changes when needed. 

5. Elevate your menu with delicious dietary options

Catering to dietaries is important to consider for your next menu change as there is a rising amount of customers who require, choose, or desire gluten free, dairy free, Vegetarian, or Vegan-friendly meals. Offer exciting dietary options that everyone can enjoy, and say goodbye and hello to wholesome, flavoursome, and versatile Dierary-inclusive options you can use to refresh your menu.   

5 ideas to refresh your menu using Wild Chef

Create an exciting menu with our range of Chef-quality products from Mini Bases, Large Starch Bases, Veggie Patties, and sides give you delicious options for your next menu refresh! 



     Convenient Grab & Go Option

Gone are the days of getting excited over a basic sandwich! Offer a flavoursome wrap using our NEW featured product of 2024 – our Indian inspired Mini Pumpkin & Lentil Patties (25g). They’re an easy option for your on-the-go customers, including in wraps (as pictured), in filled rolls, salads, and more…

Have you tried our Pumpkin & Lentil Patties?

Made with locally grown pumpkin, lentils & spices, they’re the perfect addition to use as a canapé, or a quick and easy option for salads and wraps.

Request the Product Info Bite here for ingredients, cooking options and serving suggestions.

     Eggs Benedict for Everyone

Use our Hash Browns (65g) for the perfect base (including those who are gluten free) for Eggs Benedicts, Big Breakfasts, or as an extra side option.

Customers will find this homely Hash Brown more exciting and satisfying than a white toast or English muffin. 

     Homely Taste to Impress – no prep!

People love the taste of creamy potato and no doubt, depending on your customers, would have made a Potato Bake Dish at home.

Swap regular potato for our creamy and wholesome pre-portioned Potato Gratin (70g) – A delicious side to elevate any menu without the prep-time! We know customers will keep coming back for this.

     Consistent Classic Corn Patties

Do you have a Corn Fritter on your menu? Try our NEW 2024 Tasty and Fresh   Classic Corn Patties (100g). They are a great option to serve for any meal of the day as customers will love the familiarity of them. 

TIP: Call these Corn “Fritters” as likely to be more familiar for customers. Tailor this delicious, cost-effective product to your advantage.

Have you tried our NEW 2024 product?

Made with lots of sweetcorn, NZ Agria potato, onion, parsley, onion and garlic – Our Classic Corn Patties (100g) are our NEW 2024 product to impress.

Request the Product Info Bite here for ingredients, cooking options and serving suggestions.

     Gourmet Chip Alternative 

Create a point of difference with our Polenta Chips (Rosemary and Chilli), your new Gourmet Chip Alternative.

With a subtle taste of rosemary and chilli, impress your customers and serve them in a bucket or bowl, perfectly paired with a simple aioli, pesto or fresh parmesan cheese and truffle oil. 

Ready to refresh your menu?

We know budget plays a large part in your ability to refresh and jazz up your menu, that’s why we try and keep our costs low but quality high so you can experience the convenience of Wild Chef products.

Have fun with your menu and let our products help you refresh your menu with versatile, quick to cook products.

Talk to our Team today –  we can help you maximise your menu or talk you through the range and find the right product to suit.

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