Make Menu Planning Easy

Make Menu Planning Easy

Use one base many ways 

We have designed our bases to be extremely versatile.  

With one base you can make a brunch, lunch and evening dish. For example you can use a Wild Chef Meal Component for multiple dishes. 

For your breakfast menu make create a gluten free eggs benedict with a Rosti base or add as a side to a big breakfast. For lunch create a veggie stack with seasonal vegetable and for an evening main use the rosti beneath a quality piece of protein.


Increase your dietary options on your menu!

As a many of our meal components are Gluten Free, Dairy free and Vegan they are the perfect beginning for a dietary friendly dish.

You can then offer multiple variations of a similar dish based on different dietary requests like the two servig suggestion of the Wild Chef  Kumara Rosti pictured below.


Gluten Free Eggs Benedict… with a Twist

Gluten Free Eggs Benedict… with a Twist

Creating new menu items that are both Gluten Free and exciting can be daunting but here at Wild Chef this is our speciality!

By offering a Gluten free alternative of a favourite brunch dish, such as an Eggs Benedict, it is not only easy will be able to be enjoyed by all of your customers.

Follow our 3 easy Tips to create a Gluten Free eggs benedict that your customers will rave about.

1. Replace an English muffin with a tasty Wild Chef Rosti! This not only adds a point of difference to your dish it is also makes it Gluten Free!

2Make either a vegan, vegetarian or meat based option or offer all!. Try out Salmon, bacon, prosciutto, pork belly, Portobello mushroom, avocado or spinach the options are endless.

3. Finally switch up your hollandaise with herbed, cheesy or sriracha hollandaise, or a chunky salsa for a vegan benedict.

Try out our Fresh Herb & Potato RostiKumara RostiPlain Potato Rosti or our NEW Veggie Rosti To make an even more gourmet benedict, use our Potato Gratin to add delicious creamy layered potato base – so luxurious!

Same Great Taste, Now More Versatile

Same Great Taste, Now More Versatile

We are constantly listening to our customers and improving our recipes to meet their ever evolving needs especially for more vegan products.

We are excited to announce that four  of our most popular products are now Vegan, as well as being Gluten Free & Dairy Free – dietary savvy for all!

By making these products vegan we have not only increased their versatility but we have retained, if not bettered their great taste and texture!


The products that are now vegan are….

    Note: Please ensure you  check the Best Before Dates of the bags as there may still be non-vegan product in stock rotation.

    • Potato & Herb Rosti (80g) –   all bags from the best before date 23.6.20
    • Mini Potato & Herb Rosti (25g) –  all bags from the best before date 30.6.20
    • Plain Potato Rosti (120g)  – all bags from the best before date 08.7.20
    • Kumara Rosti (80g)  – all bags from the best before date 09.9.20
    • Mini Kumara Rosti  (25g) – all bags from the best before date 26.8.20
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