MINI COCKTAIL BURGER BUNS – make great sliders!      |    18g x 50 pces


Fantastic little burger bun and quite a crowd pleaser if made up as a cute mini burgers.  For a professional and elegant presentation – use knotted bamboo toothpicks.  Handy to have in your freezer for those impromptu snacks for kids!

Try as a Cocktail Mini Burger with the following WILD CHEF patties:

  • Fill with our Venison & Fig Mini Pattie, chutney & rocket.
  • Fill with our Mushroom & Parmesan Risotto Cake with fresh tomato salsa.
  • Fill with our Mushroom & Parmesan Risotto Cake with aioli & cos lettuce.
  • Fill with our Spicy Fish Cake with mizuna.
  • Good old mini kiwi beef burger.
  • Fill with Chicken, Camembert & cranberry.wild-chef-trio-mini-cocktail-burgers
  • Fill with Prosciutto wrapped fish with a tomato & olive compote.
  • Fill with Chicken & corriander.
  • Fill with BBQ prawns & mayo.
  • Fill with rare Beef fillet.
  • Go VEGE – Fill with our Falafel patties, tahini and mesculin lettuce.

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