Mini Burger Buns (30g)

Wild Chef Mini Burger Buns are the smallest buns sold in the New Zealand Foodservice market.  Our Mini Burger Buns are perfect for entrees, functions and kids menus. Their cute size is a fun conversation piece at any social occasion. They are perfect slider buns, serve three together and you have an easy main or sharing plate.

  • Dairy-Free
  • Vegan
  • 30g x 50mm
  • 30 pieces per bag

Serving Suggestions:

  • Creates, Mini smoked cheddar burgers with prime Angus patties
  • Try out, Mini Memphis Burgers with Slaw, Smoked bacon and BBQ sauce
  • Create Mini Vegan sliders using Wild Chef Mini Falafels and serve with avocado & fresh tomato salsa.
  • Create Mini Pulled Pork Burgers with crumbled crackle.
  • Serve Wild Chef Mini Burger Buns with Spiced fish cakes microgreens, pickled ginger and Wasabi Mayo
  • Mini southern fried Buttermilk Chicken burgers

Want to create Vegetarian or Vegan Sliders? Use any  Wild Chef Gourmet Finger Foods, they fit perfectly inside.