Potato & Herb Rosti (60g)

This Wild Chef Potato & Fresh Herb Rosti (Vegan) is Perfect inbetween sized Rosti in the Wild Chef Potato & Fresh Herb Rosti range. This Rosti is suitable for Vegans and has the same great taste as our other Herb Rosti. This great new size is designed for Brunch, Sides Menus and Conferences.

  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Vegan/ Plant Based

Serving Suggestions:

  • Big Vegan Breakfast – served with wilted spinach, spiced baked beans, grilled portabello mushrooms and tomatoes.
  • Main – Served as part of a Vegan meal accompanying a Moroccan Lentil and vegetable stew

We also have 2 other sizes 25g, and 80g  – one size doesn’t always fit all…