Corn Patties – 130g NEW!

Made with sweetcorn and grated kumara, this tasty Corn Patty has been pre-fried to assist quick reheating.  Perfect for cabinet food and Veggie Burger ideas.

Potato & Fresh Herb Rosti 60g – NEW

This NEW Rosti is suitable for Vegans and carries all the same benefits as our other Herb Rosti. This great new size is designed for Conferences; Brunch, Mains or Sides.

Parmesan Hash Cakes

Made with thin slices of premium Agria Potato, enhanced with loads of Parmesan and chives. This luxurious Award Winner product is full of flavour for your next meal creation.

Polenta Chips

These crunchy Polenta Chips offer a new and exciting sensory delight with their creamy centre and a delicious subtle taste of Rosemary and Chilli.

Kumara Rosti

Deliciously authentic and made with coarsely grated orange Kumara and beautifully combined with fresh spring onion. A visual and tasty base for any meal!